Soul Ties

PRAYER To Release “Soul Ties”

Lord, I repent and ask your forgiveness for all of the out of wedlock sexual relationships that I have committed in my life and forgive me for all of the people including myself that I have hurt because of any perversion or ungodly relationships in Jesus Christ name. Amen!

Lord, I ask You to bring to my mind every sexual partner and every sexual use of my body as an instrument of unrighteousness so that I can renounce these sexual sins and break their bondage now in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

For every out of wedlock or improper sexual experience, pray the following prayer for each experience individually.

I renounce all the ways that satan has perverted my attitude toward sex as a result of my past sexual involvement(s). I specifically renounce ______________ . I believe and accept the truth that I don't have to continue to be bound by these past experiences. You are the God who makes all things new. I ask You, Lord, to renew my mind so that I am free to enjoy sex and my sexuality in the way that You intended. 

Lord, I renounce all these uses of my body as an instrument of unrighteousness, and I admit to any willful participation. I present my whole body to You as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable. I choose to reserve the sexual use of my body for marriage only between a man and a woman as God created it to be.

I reject the devil's lie that my body is not clean or that it is dirty or in any way unacceptable to You as a result of my past sexual experiences. Lord, thank You that You have totally cleansed and forgiven me and that You love and accept me just the way that I am. Therefore, I choose to accept myself and my body as clean in Your eyes in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

For every person which you have had an out of wedlock or improper sexual experience with and all that the Lord brings to your mind pray this prayer for each one individually to break any connection that was established that was not of God. When you can’t think of any others or if you are not sure of others or their names then use a blanket bundle of names together reminding Jesus that He knows who they are and to please add them all to this prayer and speak it this way in Jesus Christ name. Amen

In the name of Jesus Christ, I break any ties or bonds that are not of God between me and (Place their name here) or between (Place their name here) and me. Lord, I send back any part of them and any transference of spirits from them that may be left in me. I send this back to (Place their name here) through Jesus Christ. And I call back any part of myself from (Place their name here) through Jesus Christ and give it all to Him." Amen

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