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Prayer Prescriptions

(See the "Generational Curses" section of this website for additional prayers) 

2 Peter 1:2 Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray that the LORD will comfort you and give you rest from all of your troubles in your life. That God will strengthen, establish, perfect, and comfort you, starting today. I pray for the heavens to open and remove all of the hindrances from your way. I pray that the Grace of God will give you power to overcome stress, sorrow, anger, rage, deep hurt, addictions, disgrace, diseases and sickness. That you will experience positive change in all aspects of your life. All in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Did you know that it is our responsibility to receive our healing from God and to keep it? This is because of the last portion of 1 Peter 2:24, “by His stripes we were healed”. Notice this is past tense. It’s already been provided for us. Our healing has already happened for us, even before we were born or even before we had any sickness or diseases. It’s a matter of believing, receiving and keeping our healing. Jesus Christ died for all of us and He is not going to do this again. He provided all of this to us through Grace. After Gods power has healed you, most of the time the symptoms will return to you just as you felt them before. This is because the devil himself is trying to steal this healing from you and most of us think and say; well it just did not work for me or it wasn't the will of God.  That's nonsense and is the lie of the devil. We will use any excuse to not receive from God.  If we think it didn't work, then it will not work.  You must have faith and live this way to see things work in the Kingdom of God.  Hebrews 11:6  But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

I have listed a few prayers below, that are very effective for the people reading them out loud. Please use them as many times as you need to. Reading them several times is usually enough for most people. You must be willing to read these prayers using your God given authority out loud and believe it or they will not work.

Prayer for Wrong Thinking & Renewing My Mind

I choose to submit to the process of being transformed by the renewing of my mind. Please, make me aware of any wrong thinking or blind spots in my life. I bind up and break any curses that have come upon me because of what others have spoken over me or any that I have thought or spoken over myself. I thank You, Father that You desire to set me free from all negative ways that I view myself, others and You. Please continue to renew my mind and help me to change my ungodly beliefs into Godly beliefs. Fill me up with more belief in Your Word and take away all of the unbelief of Your Word. I declare that I am redeemed and forgiven, and my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and I walk in victory. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.

Prayer To Cleanse Sexual Bondage's

I submit my will, my desires and my emotions to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I confess my sin of all sexual relationships before marriage and any sexual relationships outside of marriage, including any ungodly relationships or actions involving any part of me, whether body, soul or spirit. In the name of Jesus, I command to sever all sexual bondage's, dependencies, emotional longings, vain imaginations and enslaving thoughts or thought patterns that are not of God. I specifically renounce (If any come to mind) that I have been involved in or with. I announce the truth that I don't have to continue to be bound by these past experiences. I renounce all the ways that satan has perverted my attitude toward sex as a result of my past involvement(s). I choose not to be bound by what has happened in the past. You are the God who makes all things new. In the name of Jesus Christ, I break any ties or bonds that are not of God between myself and (list all persons that you need to list-one at a time) ___________ or between ___________ and myself. Lord, I send back any part of them and anything that I received from them that may be left in me. I send this back to _____________ through Jesus Christ. And I call back any part of myself from ___________ through Jesus Christ. I present my body to You as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable. I reject the devil's lie that my body is not clean or that it is dirty or in any way unacceptable to You as a result of my past sexual experiences. Lord, thank You that You have totally forgiven me and that You love and accept me just the way that I am. Therefore, I choose to do so, to accept myself and my body as clean in Your eyes, In Jesus Christ name, Amen.


Prayers and Affirmations

My Healing From the Word of God

The same Spirit of God that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me permeating His life in my veins and sending healing throughout my body. In Jesus Name, I forbid my body to be deceived in any manner. Body, you will not be deceived by any sickness, disease, germ or virus any longer. Neither will you work against life or health in any way. Every cell of my body supports life and health. I speak life to my immune system. My immune system grows stronger day by day. I forbid confusion in my immune system. For the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me and quickens my immune system with the life and the wisdom of God which guides the life and health of my body. Oh God, Your Word has become flesh, John 1:14 and You sent Your Word and healed me and delivered me from my destructions, Psalm 107:20. By His stripes we were healed, 1 Peter 2:24. Your Word is manifest in my body, causing growths to disappear; arthritis is healed and is a thing of the past. I make a demand on my organs, bones and joints to be healed now and to function properly in Jesus Name. Amen. Heavenly Father, as I give voice to your Word, the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death, Romans 8:2. Your life is energizing every cell of my body. Arthritis, you must go; sickness you must flee. Tumors, you can’t exist in me for the Spirit of God is upon me and the Word of God is within me. Sickness, disease, fear and oppression have no power over me for God’s Word is my confession. I let the peace of God rule in my heart and I refuse to worry about anything. My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. 21 Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart; 22 For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh, Proverbs 4:20-22. So, I will not let the Word of God depart from before my eyes for it is life to me for I have found it and it is health and healing to all my flesh. Jesus is Lord of my life. Sickness and disease have no power over my life. I am forgiven and free from sin and guilt. I am dead to sin and alive to righteousness. I am free from unforgiveness and strife. I forgive others as Christ has forgiven me. I am a doer of the Word of God and I am blessed in my deeds. I am happy in those things that I do because I am a doer of the Word of God. I take the shield of faith and I quench every fiery dart of the wicked one that comes against me. Christ hath redeemed me from the curse of the law; therefore, I forbid any sickness and disease to come upon this body; every disease, germ and every virus that touches this body dies instantly in Jesus Name. Every organ, every tissue and all of my body functions in the perfection in which God created it to function. I forbid any malfunction in this body in the Name of Jesus. I am an over comer. I overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of my testimony. I am submitted to God and the devil flees from me because I resist him, James 4:7 in Jesus Name. Amen

Daily Prayer from Satan's attacks and word curses.

Oh, Heavenly Father. I cover my entire body with anointing oil, Holy water and Holy salt water, in the spirit of God. I ask you to expose all of the traps that are in your creation. I now send out as many angels as it takes to destroy all of the traps.  All In Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer to Stop Witchcraft and it's Source of Power 

Oh, Heavenly Father, I repent for my sins and I ask you to forgive me for opening doors and allowing demonic forces to enter me and my household. I bind up all of the source and power of wickedness, witchcraft, the witches, spells, strong holds, strongman, evil gate keepers, curses, satanic dogs, spiritual creatures and demonic spirits that’s on assignment against my life. I command them to die now and I cast them into the pit of hell. I close all of the doors, portals and layers on all that have been used to attack me and my household. All in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth. Amen. Anoint yourself with oil then speak the following scripture. Isaiah 10:27 It shall come to pass in that day That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, And his yoke from your neck, And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.

Prayer To Break Addictions

If you really want to quit any addictions, drugs or any bad habits, you have to fight the devil with your God given authority everyday like Jesus gave us in Luke 10:19. You have to pull down and remove the strongholds that the devil has on you by using your authority against him. Everyday, when you have to urge for drugs, you tell the devil NO, I’m not playing in your pity party any longer for I am a child of God.

Then repent of your sins to God and ask for His forgiveness. Then pray; Jesus, give me the strength to let go of these strongholds, demons and desires now and forever. All in Jesus name. Amen. Jesus says in Psalm 107:19-20 Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, And He saved them out of their distresses. 20 He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.

Do you understand now that God will not do this for you because He has already done it? He gave the power to all Christians through Jesus when we were born again and it’s up to us to use our authority against the devil everyday and by doing this you are releasing and moving the power of God for your benefit. That’s how it works and most churches do not teach this because they don’t know the truth of His word as it says in the Bible. This is why there are millions upon millions of people in your same shoes in this world that never get healed.

There are way too many people going into the church hurt and coming out hurt. They are receiving the same results with sickness and diseases. Jesus died on the cross and rose up from the dead and took all sickness, diseases, poverty and all pain away from all Christians but it’s our responsibility to enforce it by using the Word of God in our lives everyday to keep all demonic strongholds off of us. It’s really that simple!  Blessings to you and yours.

Prayer to Break Sickness or Diseases

Oh, Heavenly Father, I curse any sickness or disease that's upon me and I command them to dry up and die, now.  I resist the enemy in every form that comes against me. My body is strong and healthy. I enforce it with your Word. You sent Your word and healed me and delivered me from my destructions Psalm 107:20. By Your stripes, I was healed 1 Peter 2:24. I reject the curse and enforce life, strength and healing into my body. I declare all curses powerless because of the blood that Jesus shed for me. Therefore, I will not die but live and declare the Works of God. You have forgiven all of my iniquities. You have healed all my sickness and diseases. Therefore, I fulfill the number of my days in health and prosperity. All in the name of Jesus. Amen...

Saltwater Prayer

Have salt and water in front of you (I use a gallon jug of water and a couple of tea spoons of salt), being made ready to sanctify by prayer.

Bless the salt

Take the salt and pray saying; Oh Heavenly Father, I ask you to bless and make Holy this creature of salt to be sanctified and used for your kingdom. Let all that have consumed, touched or sprinkled this water, be protected against all vain imaginations, attacks of spiritual wickedness and subtlety of the wiles of the devil. That every unclean spirit must flee and depart from every place where this has been consumed, touched or sprinkled in. By the hand of our Lord, who shall come to judge both the quick and the dead and the world by fire, in Jesus name. Amen.

Bless the water

Take the water and pray saying; Oh Heavenly Father, I ask you to bless and make Holy this water to be sanctified and used for your kingdom. 

Then pour the salt into the water. Mix it. Say, "May the mixing of the salt and water be done in the name of the Jesus. After it is mixed say: "Wherever this salt is consumed, touched, sprayed or sprinkled in; I command that any attacks of evil spirits be repelled in Jesus name." Amen.

Go into each room of the house, sprinkle or spray the water (very small amount) in the room and say; all evil spirits must leave this dwelling, now in Jesus name. Amen.

Note: You can sprinkle this water or place this water into a spray bottle and spray each room, vehicles and land. I sprinkle or spray all improvements on my property, the land (in just one area of your land is sufficient) and my vehicles. I also place some of this water in all drains in my home like, sinks, showers or bath drains, toilets, etc.

By the decree of heaven, let every creation of God begin to work in my favor from now henceforth in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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