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Invited Pastors to Join WHM in the Future

Here at Whirlwind Healing Ministry, we are looking towards the future growth that requires additional Pastors and their families to join us. These Pastors names are given to me by the Holy Spirit and then sometime after these names are given, they are added to this list. Names and circumstances change at times, so this list is updated as directed.

Allan King, America

Debbie King, America

Dale Golliday, America

Gary Samples, America

Harry Brannen, Sr., America

Nathaniel Emmanuel, Pakistan

Alex Morris, America

Charles Perry Jr., America

Mariam Aslam, Pakistan

Amanda Latta, America

Sonia Anderson, America

I pray for you and your families daily. I ask you to read all of Psalm 91 each day over you and your families. I pray that God will give you the wisdom that you need to walk as bright as you can in His kingdom. In Jesus name. Amen

Prayer and deliverance is available to you through this ministry in various ways.

See details in the "Contact" section of this site.

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